Gharida Farooqi climbs up Electric Pole

ISLAMABAD: Gharida Farooqi is one of the gorgeous, talented and good-looking Newscasters for Samaa News. This girl has confidence and grace most people like to see watching news. We can say her style of speaking is very captivating and fascinating. Famous Anchor Gharida Farooqi of Samaa News Climbed up on electric pole to prevent herself […]

British facing severe shortage of ‘High-Quality’ sperm


LONDON: UK is facing shortage of ‘High-Quality’ semen, which can create major problems in women as women due to poor quality sperm may be subjected to laborious and more expensive treatment method then ordinary one. The president of the British Fertility Society (BFS) Dr. Allan Pacey told newspaper agency that he was worried that the […]

Chinese missile DF-41 can destroy three big cities of USA in one attack

DF-41 Chinese Missile

BEIJING: It is revealed in Chinese newspaper that China has prepared outstanding missile “DF-41 solid-fuelled road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile” which has ability to destroy three major American cities in just one attack. According to the Canadian military analyst Andrei Chang report in Kanwa Defence Review, Missile has an attack range of between 11, 500-12, 000 […]

Nectars are not good for health

Nestle juices flavours

LONDON: Fruit juices are often perceived healthy and especially citrus juice is considered to be more effective for health, but a latest research has revealed that these juices can deteriorate your health. The main problem is that juices contains no fibre and provide much more sugars. The recommendation has been produced by the Scientific Advisory […]