National Assembly NA Vehari Election Result 2013 – PTI, PML-N

We will provide you National Assembly Vehari Result 2013 of following seats i.e NA-167 (Vehari-I), NA-168 (Vehari-II), NA-169 (Vehari-III) and NA-170 (Vehari-IV). In these seats PML-N and PTI are in competition. Our team will share NA-167 (Vehari-I), NA-168 (Vehari-II), NA-169 (Vehari-III) and NA-170 (Vehari-IV) Result as soon as possible.

NA Results

In Vehari Pakistan Muslim League has won majority seats in Election 2008 and now they have to compete with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Polling will start on 8th AM and ends at 5 PM. Result will be announced after polling ends. We will try to give you result as soon as possible with the help of your team members spread all over Pakistan to cover Election 2013. Vehari National Assembly Result 2013 (Winner) will be announced soon. Please visit other seats of National Assembly and know which party is in lead.

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