National Assembly NA-129 Lahore Candidates Election 2013

NA-129 Lahore National Assembly candidates for election 2013, results, candidates are given at this page. PML-N, PTI, PPP, PMLQ, JUI and all parties are finalizing the names of candidates who can win election 2013 for their party. All names and areas of NA-129 Lahore are given below. We will keep you updated with all information of NA-129 National Assembly seat from Lahore.

NA-129 Lahore

Areas of NA 129 Lahore

Kahna Nau, Kahna Kacha
Jia Bagga
Guru Mangat
Gunj Sharif
Kahna Town Committee

Candidates of NA 129 Lahore Contesting Elections 2013

Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif (PML-N)

Punjab Assembly Seats/Constituencies

PP-159 Lahore-XXIII

NA-129 Lahore-XII Result Elections 2008

Tariq Shabbir Advocate                 PPP                        36604
Sardar Adil Umar                         PML-N                     25918
Maj.(R) Habib Ullah Warraich        PML-Q                     29058

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  1. shahbaz says:

    i am fan of Mian shahbaz sharif and leave in kahna nau, lahore ward no. 13 shahzada road,

    shahbaz sharif zindabad agar kahna me aen to muje zarur milna


  2. Muhammad Shakir Qadeer says:

    Kamahan is the Village of PML N , we will support to Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef. NA 129, PP 159, UC 63, Muhammad Shakir Qadeer

  3. Mazhar says:

    Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif easily win the election from this area because no other strong candidate from PTI, PPP, MQM, PML Q, against shahbaz

  4. sohail sharif says:

    inshahallah shabaz will win this seat.

  5. Rnana Rafaqat.ali Advocate says:

    Chaudhary M.Mansha Sindhu win this seat

  6. Hassan ALI says:

    well i think Mansha Sindhu is strong compertitor from NA-129. i want PTI to win because we are sick of these corrupt leaders. we should give a chance ti imran khan. he is loyal but not lier..hope imran khan wil win and end the family politics in our country.

  7. sidra sindhu says:

    No doubt Shabaz shreef is famous but Mansha sindhu is very popular in NA-129. I am in support of Mansha Sindhu and PTI..Shabaz shreef former chief minister of punjab kia kiya ucna in five years mae??? just a metro bus nd laptops??? do you think its enough for us??? forget about the metro nd forget about the laptops, people still dying because of hunger..what about the economic development?? agr aap logou ko koi maslaa paish ata ae tou kia aap shabaz shareef sa mil saktay ae ja k???? apna vote uc ko dou jo ap ki problems sunay or uce solve kray…itndy zadaa protocol ma kia aap apnay leader sa ja k mil saktay ae? i have a power. Power of vote,my vote is for imran khan nd i want change.. ishALLAH Mansha Sindhu will win from this area NA-129

    • Waseem Malik says:


    • Babar says:

      First of all i want to clarify that i m not against of PTI.But i want to know that, do u thing mansha sindu is a perfect candidate,do u satisfy his previous working history.

  8. Mohsin says:

    If Lahori will not vote to Mian Shahbaz Shareef, than who will,
    as all Pakistan saying that Mian sb has expend all his budget at Lahore.
    So Lahorio kuch aur sochn abi mat….

  9. Waseem Malik says:

    There is nothing having against Shabaz Sharif’ He can win the NA 129”” nO no i think he has Won the Election of NA 129. Because no strong candidates participated in NA 129 Insted Mian Shabaz Sharif. if Imran Khan Come to this area as a candidate then perhaps here a copetation… Now there is nothing remain’ if u r post ur vote to any other leader it will considerd to b a waisting basket vote……..!!!!!!!!!!! i think Shabaz will win easily and marginaly from NA 129

  10. ch tanveer says:

    i am pti

  11. MIRZA YASIR BAIG says:

    Mian shahbaz sharif zindabad insha Allah pakistan muslim legue (n) jetay gi

  12. MIRZA YASIR BAIG says:


  13. Waseem says:

    Mansha Sindhu will win from NA-129 If Allah wants. Hw is much stronger in this area than Shehbaz Shareef.

  14. MIRZA YASIR BAIG says:

    میاں شہباز شریف پاکستان کے لیے باعث فخر ہیں وہ دس ماہ میٹرو بس بنا سکتے ہیں تو بجلی کی لوڈشیڈنگ ختم کر سکتے ہیں انشااللہ میاں شہباز شریف ہی جیتیں گے کیونکہ پاکستان مسلم لیگ ن ہی واحد وہ جماعت ہےجو پاکستان کو مشکل حالات سے نکال سکتے ہیں ہم مسلم لیگ ن کو ووٹ دیں گے انشااللہ گیارمئ کا سورج پاکستان مسلم لیگ ن کی فتح لے کر چڑھے گا

  15. mahnoor says:

    ohhh plzz ALLAH je showbaz shareef ko nai jeetanaa,,,he is big time a drama king,,,,i have no interest in politics but i love imran khan,, He will be our true leader….SHOWBAAAAZ we sick of you…no more drama please

  16. MISHA says:

    Mansha sindhu will win from this area. He is very popualr in this area

  17. Irtaza sindhu says:

    Sarkaaas k sher ka shikaar krnay k liye Imran khan na Mansha Sindhu ko chor diya ae…….SHOWBAAAAAAAZ shreef you gonna loose here.

  18. Farhan Meo says:

    Inshallah Tariq Shabir Meo will again win this seat…….

  19. meher shah says:

    naaaah,,, i dont think so shabir meo gona win this seat… No chance of PPP, 5 saal sotaay rahay hou or elections k time becharayy bhutto or bibi ko beech ma la atayy hou,,, o bhaaai maar gai ae aap ki bibi,,,ASIF GADAARI naa pourii family ko khataam kr diyaa….

  20. maha ali says:

    mansha sindhu will win, i am very much sure.

  21. imran says:

    PtI Zindabad………..nd insha Allah it will sweeeeeep in 2013 elections

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