PML-N Muzaffargarh Candidates List Election 2013

PML-N Muzaffargarh Candidates Lists for General Election 2013 has been announced by the party Head (Mian Nawaz Sharif). Here is the Latest Information of Muzaffargarh Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Candidates List Issued by Party. Candidates who got PML-N Tickets from their areas are very happy and hoping to win General Election 2013. Muzaffargarh District consists of following seats of National Assembly i.e NA-176 (Muzaffargarh-I), NA-177 (Muzaffargarh-II), NA-178 (Muzaffargarh-III), NA-179 (Muzaffargarh-IV) and NA-180 (Muzaffargarh-V).

PML-N Muzaffargarh Candidates

PML-N Muzaffargarh Candidates 2013:

NA-176 Muzaffargarh-I: Malik Sultan Mehmood Hinjra
PP-251 Muzaffargarh-I: Malik Ahmed Yar Hinjra
PP-253 Muzaffargarh-III: Dr. Muhammad Younas lqbal
NA-177 Muzaffargarh-II: Khalid Gurmani
PP-252 Muzaffargarh-II: Tariq Gurmani
PP-255 Muzaffargarh-V: Malik Muhammad Farooq Khar
NA-178 Muzaffargarh-III: Muhammad Abad Dogar
PP-254 Muzaffargarh-IV: Hamad Nawaz Khan
PP-256 Muzaffargarh-VI: Muhammad lmran Qureshi
PP-257 Muzaffargarh-VII: Malik Ahmed Karim Kaswar Langrial
NA-179 Muzaffargarh-IV: Makhdoom Zada Syed Basit A. Sultan
PP-258 Muzaffargarh-VIII: Syed Haroon Ahmed Sultan
PP-259 Muzaffargarh-IX: Sardar Khan Muhammad Khan Jatoi
NA-180 Muzaffargarh-V: Syed Muhammad Abdullah Shah Bukhari
PP-260 Muzaffargarh-X: Ghulam Hussain Arshad
PP-261 Muzaffargarh-XI: Muhammad Qaim All Shamsi

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