PML-N NA Gujrat District Candidates List Election 2013

PML-N Nawaz Sharif has announced Gujrat Candidates List for Election 2013 in a press conference. To give this information to people with easiest way, we have upload Gujrat District Candidates lists for NA National Assembly and PP Province Punjab Assembly below on this page to assist people. Gujrat District consists of following seats of National Assembly i.e NA-104 (Gujrat-I), NA-105 (Gujrat-II), NA-106 (Gujrat-III) and NA-107 (Gujrat-IV).

Gujrat Candidest List of PML-N:

NA-104 Guirat-I: Nawabzada Mazhar Ali

PP-108 Gujrat: Nawabzada Haider Mohdi

PP-109 Gujrat: Maj. Rt Moeen Nawaz Warraich

NA-105 Gujrat.II: Ch. Mubashir Hussain

PP-110 Gujrat: Raza Ali Warraich

PP-111 Gujrat: Haji lmran Zafar

NA-106 Gujrat-III: Ch. Jaffar lqbal

PP-112 Guirat: Ch. Muhammad Ashraf

PP-113 Gujrat: Mian Tariq Mehmood

NA-107 Gujrat: Ch. Abid Raza

PP-114 Gujrat:  Muhammad Hanif Malik

PP-115 Gujrat: Ch. Shabir Ahmed

Gujrat PML-N Candidates

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